Keishi Furusato

A certified public accountant and a certified tax accountant. Director/Chief of General
Affairs of The Hida Credit Cooperative and Fintech project leader. CEO of HidaShin
Innovation Partners ,Inc..
Furusato was born in 1979. He graduated from Waseda University. He joined SQUARE
ENIX CO., LTD. in 2005. He then joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC (total service) and
audited for listed an un-listed companies, provided IPO support for start-up companies, and
supported establishing internal control for the companies. In October 2012, he returned to
his home area, Hida Takayama, and joined The Hida Credit Cooperative, a community-
based community bank. Prior to his present post, he was the section chief of loan
department and the director of corporate planning department. He became the Grand Prix
of Forbes Japan Local Innovator of the Year 2018.