Masatoshi Tamamura

Tamamura graduated from Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University. He finished
the doctoral course in Graduate School of Media and Governance and became an
assistant professor at Chiba University of Commerce. He then became an associate
professor in the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University. He holds a doctor’s
degree in Media and Governance. He is an advisor for Niigata City Policy Reform
headquarters, City of Yokohama Research Division of Policy specialists, Regional
Revitalization in Cabinet Secretariat, Amakusa City, The City of Suzuka, Ichihara City,
Nagashima-cho, Osaki town, and Daisen Town. He is also the advisor for Kagoshima
Sougo Sinyoukinko Soshin community building research institute. He was a visiting
researcher for Cabinet Office, Government of Japan Economic and Social Research
Institute and Ministry of Education, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy. His
field of specialty is Social Marketing, Public Management, and planning evaluation