Tak Lo

Tak Lo is the founder at Zeroth, the first accelerator program that invests in AI companies that solves tomorrow’s problems. In just under 2 years, Zeroth is one of the most active AI investors in the world, having invested in 34 companies and co-investing with some of the worlds top venture capitalists. Previously he started the London office of world renowned accelerator Techstars and invested in 40 cohorts.



He also works and consults with governments, having worked with the Estonian government on e-resident strategy and currently with the Hong Kong government on innovation strategy. He also is a judge of the Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia and a regular contributor to South China Morning Post, Forbes, and Bloomberg.



Tak started his career as an engineer in the US Army and a graduate from the Air Assault School. He also graduated from the London Business School and the University of Chicago.



In his spare time, Tak is an adventurer. He has driven from London to Ulan Bator in an ambulance and across India in two weeks on an auto-rickshaw.