Yojirou Seki

Yojiro Seki passed the second examination of Certified Public Accountant Examination and engaged in not only accounting as a financial statement audit and an internal control audit for manufacturing businesses, retail businesses, and wholesale businesses but in IT regulation as a system audit and a data audit at Aarata LLC (the present PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC) while attending Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce.

He joined Uzabase, Inc. in 2012 and as the head of development division of SPEEDA, one of the biggest business platforms in Asia, he was in charge of domestic and overseas market environment investigation, planning product strategies, forming alliance with the data suppliers, designing specifications, verifying releases, and carrying out the process of production run. In 2013, he received the MVP award, which was elected by all employees of Uzabase.